Professional Video Production

More then ever in the internet age, video is an important medium and one of the most effective methods when advertising and communicating a message. There are so many internet platforms through which your work can be presented that you can tailor your video with precision to its target market. The reduced costs and technical advancements of video have changed the face of conventional film production around the world and a high-quality dynamic production is now within the reach of anyone with a message to communicate.

Ringstones Media is very fortunate to have Jeb Hardwick as a partner. Jeb is an independent film maker, photographer and digitial effects artist who is based in Brighton, but also works in the USA and on the continent.

Much of his work can be seen on You Tube and Vimeo, as well as his own website, built by Ringstones Media.

Making an impact

Music video director for Mariah Carey, REM, Offspring, Sleeping With Sirens, Architects, Falling in Reverse and many more, Jeb enjoys the creative challenge that each new project brings.

No stranger to the disciplines of internet advertising and commercial work, Jeb has the creative and technical stills to turn a commercial project into a focussed, effective presentation.

He also produces live action projects such as documentaries, charity videos and wedding films as special commissions for private customers.

So if you want to make an impact with a quality video, to promote your business, product or project, simply contact us and we will make sure Jeb gets in contact with you.

So lights, camera and action!
Video production in Salisbury