Enhance and preserve those precious family memories with digital editing

Many of us have taken home movies of school plays, holidays, weddings and other important family events. Some of us perhaps, have even tried to create our own 'Gone With The Wind' - at least on a smaller scale.

But somehow, the movie doesn't really achieve that emotional resonance that can render a production a life milestone.

At Ringstones Media, we appreciate how important a film can be to a family, or a group of friends, and how the production can be more than just a mere collection of moving images.

We understand the language of film, the nuance of camera position and movement, and the relevance of using fades, dissolves and other effects to enhance the storytelling experience.

Film Maker

Chris Hardwick has been involved in movie-making since the 1960's, engaging with a bewildering array of traditional and modern technology from the Super 8mm days of yore to today's digital technology.

Over the years, Chris has won a number of movie accolades, from magazine film certificates to awards from the IAC. He is particularly proud to have won the prestigious Portuguese Festival Internacional De Cinema De Amadores medal three years in a row, and the Richard Massingham Comedy Trophy for his silent movie parody 'Fluttering Hearts' was awarded to him by film director Alan Parker CBE in 1978.

Movie-making is a labour of love for Chris, and he particularly enjoys editing films made by others.

Chris lives in Wiltshire with his wife Sandra. He has two sons, Martin and Jeb Hardwick, who is an international movie maker, producing films for publishing, charities and the music industry.

Bring the House Down

So if you would like the opportunity to transform that old home movie into something to bring the house down, drop Chris a line or fill in our Enquiry Form on our Contact Us page.

And pass the popcorn.
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