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The direct approach with Email Marketing

A website is the ideal way to communicate your message to your target market and with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media pushing visitors to your site, your website will be meaningful and productive.

But in this busy and competitive world, reinforcement is sometimes called for to help put the message across. To enhance your campaign, you may need something that will take the message directly to the customer.

There are many ways to do this: press advertising, flyers, display posters and direct mail are just a few. But if you already have a database of customers and (more importantly) their email addresses, why not put this to good use with another powerful method of reaching your customers?

Email Marketing.

Effective and Affordable

An emailer works very much like a website. It should be attractive and meaningful, and contain your message, illustrations, links and photographs. It should also reflect your image or 'corporate style'.

Sales, events, updates on fixtures and other important information could be sent to your customers within hours. And if we have already designed a template for you (see below), the emails could be sent even faster.


Newsletters are arguably the most powerful type of emailer, as it provides your customers with the latest developments from your company. These may include sales or event promotion.

Our example on this page shows a Newsletter emailed by Caroline Cavanagh of Adding Zest, updating clients on recent cases, offering advice and inviting the reader to subscribe to a new business opportunity.

The Newsletter was written, designed and emailed within three days and the results were very successful.

How it Works

We would design an emailer template from the brief, text and images provided by yourself. After approval of the design, we would produce the emailer itself.

Having a clean database is important, so we would de-dupe and prepare your email addresses ready for mail-out. The emailshot would be configured to pass spam-blocking technology.

After the emailshot, reports on the final number of emails sent, opened or rejected would be made available.


Here at Ringstones Media we believe in creating quality websites at affordable prices. And the same goes for our emailers.

The design cost for a newsletter like the example shown, would cost £125.

There is no mail-out charge for emailshots containing under 500 addresses per month. We would of course, be pleased to quote for higher volumes.

The real cost advantage comes with subsequent emailshots. As there is already a template, there would be no further design charges.

Adding new text and images to the template should only take about an hour, so at our usual labour rate ( £15 per hour ) your subsequent emailshots to under 500 addresses per month could cost -

To find out more, please complete the Enquiry Form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch.

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